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Tallahassee is the capital of Florida with 171, 992 residents as per the 2008 census. On the list of largest cities, Tallahassee ranks position 133. Every category of people would find a house in Tallahassee. The homes available suite specific taste and prices could range from sixty thousand dollars to five million dollars. In the sixty thousand dollars homes, the space available is less than a thousand square feet floor space. Monthly payment for the property is about 269 dollars every month. 


For the home property worth 5 million dollars, it has more style and comfort. It contains about five bedrooms and over ten baths. The property is located in a ten thousand square feet space. It also contains a two and half times guest house the size of the first property. It would also comprise of a golf course. The monthly charges for such a home are about twenty thousand dollars. These two types of homes are the at the extreme price ranges, and in between there are suitable prices depending on the ability to buy. You can search houses for sale in Southwood for more info. 


Currently, houses for sale in Tallahassee are declining. On the surface, this would appear to be a good thing. Availability of homes in Tallahassee can be looked in some ways. One of the ways is through the Multiple Listing services (MLS) Tallahassee homes listed for sale. This is where owners actively show their house and collaborate with brokers to sell the house through the MLS listings. However, real estate listing for Tallahassee has been recently declining.   


The other way through which supply of house can be looked at is looking at the actual number of houses sold in a particular month. This method would determine whether the number is increasing or decreasing. Relative supply of homes in Tallahassee can be determined by comparing MLS Listings and the demand. When there are many months of supply of homes, the prices of homes go down. In an ideal situation, the relative supply should be six months or less. When the relative supply is at six months, housing prices stabilize. They then increase as supply lessens. 


By the end of 2011, house for sale in Tallahassee showed a relative supply of more than ten months. The housing market was therefore not very good. A year earlier in 2010, the relative supply was about 12 months. However, a steady demand led to the decreased supply in Tallahassee real estate. MLS listings are the basis on which actual supply and relative supply of houses are grounded. 


Another important factor in the housing market is shadow inventory. The shadow inventory is the record of all the houses that are up for sale. This inventory includes homes that are foreclosed and are owned by banks. Keep these in mind when when out looking for the best houses for sale in Southwood